Ukulele POWER!!

Today UPS FINALLY delivered my Ukulele :D I've been waiting for it for about a week now and I was sooooo excited, so I will make all of you suffer from some pictures I shot just now! Bear it!

She's sooooo beautiful (yes, it's a girl)... AND she's turquoise, now who could resist that? I think I'll name her Luna :D

They even sent me a bag with the Ukulele and it's color-coordinated, isn't that nice :3 ?

There's no use for an Ukulele if you can't tune it, so here goes the Tuner....

And finally my mother made this gift for me yesterday so I can pin it on my Ukulele-Bag... she's so cute. It's a turquoise Jack-Skellington-Flower !!

There's one last thing though... You all know it's Potterthon-Month and as I just got the Ukulele today and couldn't keep my hands off of it until now, I learned a little something that fits perfectly in this months' theme.... Here you go and forgive me if it's not that good, I'm only starting ;)

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